Redundant Lebanese Government Institutions (3/13)  Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee

Redundant Lebanese Government Institutions (3/13)

Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee 

Lebanon, like other countries in the region, hosted Palestinian refugees since 1948. There are twelve officially recognized camps in the country, and Palestinians are dispersed across various regions and cities. This presence significantly impacted Lebanese life, especially when it transformed into a military presence from 1967 to 1982, a reality that is still true within most camps to this day, that house pockets of armed groups. In 2005, the Lebanese government created the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee after 57 years of Palestinian presence.

Formation of the Committee

Cabinet Decision No. 41/2005 on October 14, 2005, tasked then-Prime Minister Fouad Siniora with forming the Lebanese Working Group on Palestinian Refugees, later named the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee. The committee established its offices at the Government Palace as it falls under its jurisdiction.

Number of Employees

The committee is currently led by Bassel Al-Hassan and operates with a team of 8 employees.


Based on the 2024 budget law, the committee's budget reached around USD 223,500, receiving additional credits compared 2018 (around USD 161,000).

After approximately 20 years since its establishment, it remains unclear whether the committee has positively impacted the Palestinians or their situation or enhanced Lebanese-Palestinian relations and dialogue. Hence, questions arise about the necessity of the committee's existence alongside the Palestinian Embassy in Lebanon and the General Directorate for Political Affairs of Refugees within the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, which focuses on Palestinian refugees.


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