Redundant Lebanese Government Institutions (1/13)  Alissar

Redundant Lebanese Government Institutions (1/13)


After the end of the Lebanese Civil War in 1990, several government administrations and institutions were established to reverse the effects of the war and rehabilitate and affected areas.

Although these institutions were created with the hope of driving economic development, many of them have barely attempted menial accomplishments. Others have been inactive for several years but still receive an annual budget dedicated for salaries, employee compensation, and other operational costs including office space rentals.

Information international dedicated a special study on these institutions that is broadcasted over several episodes, starting with Alissar.

Establishment of Alissar

The Public Institution for Arrangement of the Southwest Suburb of Beirut - Alissar was established by Decree No. 6918 issued on 29-6-1995. Its objectives included compensating residents for evacuation or constructing alternative housing in an effort to facilitate road reconstruction and reorganize the western area of the airport.

After more than 28 years since its establishment, the institution has not achieved its any of its defined goals; 1 billion dollars was dispersed to residents to leave the area, but these residents never left.

To this day, the Allisar still exists. It received a budget of LBP5.6 billion (USD62222.2) compared to only LBP2.2 billion (USD24444.4) in 2022 over and above LBP5.1 billion (USD56666.66) for employee salaries and LBP500 million (USD5555.55) for office rent and operations.


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