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The manuscripts written by Muwaffaq al-Din Abdul Latif Bin Yusuf Al-Baghdadi, author of the acclaimed Al-Baghdadi’s Encyclopedia, on the history of Baghdad, are among the gems of wisdom most worthy of respect.

The human heart is an organ that allows for the identification of clear patterns of chaos. Usually, the human heart beats at a regular rate and can therefore be presented as a perfect example for the dynamics of regularity. Our article this month will tackle a number of theories- such as the theory...

It wasn’t difficult for the experts who tracked and documented the shift of industrial countries from an economy based on natural resources to one centered on intellectual assets to notice that the economic growth achieved during that period was associated with the emergence of new industries...

Knowledge economy is not one of those new topics that emerge out of the blue due to the evolution of economic theories. However, it still carries great significance for being one of the instruments used to measure the nations’ resources and progress. Many sources that date back to the first half...