A Star from My Country - Sanaa Ali Haraki
Unfortunately though, the invasion of western culture and music has influenced the taste of today’s generations, leaving them with little if any knowledge of the rich and pervasive musical legacy of Fairouz and the Rahbani Brothers. In a bid to introduce children to these towering musical figures and to a genre of music that blends genius with humanity, Dr. Sanaa El-Harakeh set out to chronicle the life and music career of Fairouz through a clever story that unfolds elegantly in a book targeting children between 8 and 14 years of age. Released by the Social and Cultural Development Association (INMA), the book entitled A Star from My Country makes part of the Bee Series and is accompanied by a CD featuring the author’s distinct vocal timbre while reading the story. A Star from My Country is sure to acquaint your children with some of Lebanon’s most enduring artistic and cultural giants, while at the same time refining their musical taste.

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