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Encroachment1 on Public Property

Moukawinat(1) or Makanah(2)?

What after Assi, Fairouz and Ziad?

Our Next President: King Carl Gustav

Wheat cultivation in Lebanon

LBP 2 billion from the Lebanese government to UNDP

What about Kfarabida beach? Rental of 37,000 m2 for LBP 46 million

1982 was the year of car bombings par excellence. Hardly did a month go by without an explosion ripping through Lebanon. As a matter of fact, a total of 34 car bombs exploded that year, thus translating into 2.8 explosions per month. 1985 on the other hand was the peak year for killings with...

Most of what we write brings distress to the heart. Most of what we see casts a gloom on the spirit and most of what’s around us creates an aura of pessimism. But amidst deepening gloom, bright spots emerge to defy the dark.

It is common knowledge that at stake is not the issue of the pay scale; it is not the issue of public property encroachments or of tax evasion and inequity nor is it the issue of mismanagement and of squandered funds at the Lebanese customs and the land registration services; the issue is not...