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Private Sector

Lebanese banking sector: USD 22.1 billion of profits in 26 years (1993-2018)

Lebanon’s banking sector in numbers

37,666,937 m2 is the total area owned by foreign individuals (65,201) and companies (15,106) throughout Lebanon, i.e. 0.362% of the total area of Lebanon.

The declared value of properties owned by non-Lebanese totaled LBP 64.4 billion in April 2018, with the highest in Matn (LBP 24.7 billion), followed by Beirut (around LBP 23.1 billion).

Lebanon highest record for suicides in 2018 - 28 in May alone

Cost of retirees= 15% of treasury revenues

Domestic crimes in Lebanon: Three victims in one month

Banks and financial institutions in Lebanon

Names of villages in Lebanon: Al-Zaniya changed to Al-Zayni, Al-Zara’eb to Wadi Al-Zein, but Sharon is still disputed

Whenever Lebanon experiences a major security or political crisis, people start to voice fears over instability of the Lebanese pound and the transfer of deposits from the Lebanese banking sector to overseas banks. Since 1998, Banque du Liban has pegged the Lebanese pound to the US dollar at a rate...