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Deir Serian is a village in the Qada’a of Marjeyoun. Its name suggests that it is a Christian village, yet, in fact, it is Shiite.

Zaitoun is one of Kessrouan district’s villages that have a great number of Maronite inhabitants. However, this village is not Maronite

Zakroun: Threatened by 'Cimenterie Nationale'

A tranquil town in the Qada’a of Jezzine, Mlikh made headlines when its resident Amal Abou Zeid won one of the Maronite seats in the Qada’a, breaking- although not for the first time- the long established norm that the Qadaa’s MPs should be from the city of Jezzine.

Smaqieh is a town in Akkar at the border with Syria. For several decades, Smaqieh was known for its sulfur spring and indications suggested potential oil reserves in the town.

Although small in surface, the town of Wadi Baanqoudain in the Qada’a of Jezzine is a symbol of generosity and abundance thanks to its rich vineyards.

Once a tranquil Baalbecki town, the outskirts of Nahle have turned into a front line of confrontation with the terrorist groups on the Syrian side. The town is popular for its natural scenery and water wells.

Resting on the fringes of Beirut, Hazmieh is a town within the Mount Lebanon Mohafaza most known for its orderly planning, beautiful houses and well-off residents. Another village in the North Mohafaza in the Mennieh-Dennieh Qada’a is called by the same name, Hazmieh.