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Inauguration of exhibition “Beirut 1840-1918, photographs & Maps” Nabu Museum, El-Heri, al-Batroun Saturday, November 26, 2022

BDL reserves

Between Fakhreddine’s millions and the Medicis

Congratulations on your election victory, distinguished MPs

The reaction of Lebanese people toward their country’s economic, political, educational, health and environmental problems is very surprising. A researcher can understand why the Lebanese accept, after a long war, that the same Zua’ama run the country. They are war-weary and want relief. But...

Lebanon Election: Stockholm Syndrome and Florence Nightingale Effect

A Straw Nation*

Two Success Stories

In 2004, the European Union and several other organizations opposed the death penalty carried out by the Lebanese government against three persons convicted of murder. Since that date, Lebanon has frozen the implementation of its capital punishment law. Yet, following several murders recently,...

A New Electoral Law or a New Lebanon? ( By Jawad Nadim Adra )