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High circulation of Lebanese currency

Health insurance is a Lebanese priority

Lebanese banking sector: USD 22.1 billion of profits in 26 years (1993-2018)

Lebanon's insoluble electricity crisis

Public Schools: One teacher Per three students

Military Attaché Monthly Compensation

Companies, Lebanese individuals, countries, and international organizations grant the Lebanese government donations of around LBP 75 billion. The majority of these donations are directed to the military forces, namely the Internal Security Forces and Lebanese Army. In 2016, 315 grants and...

Public budgets estimate detailed data for all state revenues and expenditures, but they are often inaccurate. Expenditures are always higher than revenues, which leads to an increase in the deficit and to supplemental appropriations that would cover budget shortfalls. The following table shows that...

In searching for a new parliamentary electoral law, some “Christian political forces” have called for moving 5 “Christian seats” from their current “Muslim-majority districts” to other “Christian-majority districts”.