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Lebanon’s bank deposits down by USD 11.1 billion

Lebanese banking sector: USD 22.1 billion of profits in 26 years (1993-2018)

Whenever Lebanon experiences a major security or political crisis, people start to voice fears over instability of the Lebanese pound and the transfer of deposits from the Lebanese banking sector to overseas banks. Since 1998, Banque du Liban has pegged the Lebanese pound to the US dollar at a rate...

Daily Profits of Lebanese Banks

The Lebanese Cabinet approved in July 2012 to trade state property with property owned by Banque Du Liban, a transaction, which proved disadvantageous to the state as the latter agreed to the contract clauses, contrary to expert opinions.

The banking sector has constituted over the past few decades a major pillar of Lebanon’s national economy with considerable increases in bank deposits, loans and earnings, thus providing new vacancies every year and sufficient funds for the state to accelerate its economic growth. However, the...