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The construction of a water dam on the Bisri River (located between Shouf and Jezzine) has been on the table since the early 1950s. The project aims to supply potable water to the neighboring areas and to drag it to the city of Beirut. The preliminary plans drawn up for the dam were updated several...

The Lebanese may have brought themselves to fathom the failure of the presidential terms, governments and parliaments that have come to power since the end of the Civil War in 1995 to find radical solutions for the social, economic and financial issues weighing the country down. These issues...

Tripoli is the second most populous city in Lebanon after Beirut. Successive governments have drawn up many plans for projects with a view to develop the northern city and improve its economic prospects, especially since some Tripoli citizens (Rashid Karami, Omar Karami, Najib Mikati) served at...

“Residents of Mansourieh- Ain Saadeh took to the streets and blocked the road in the presence of activists and MPs in protest at the high-voltage power lines which pose a threat to their safety and expose their children to cancer.” This news has been receiving frequent coverage since 2004....

Lebanon’s sea is a primary provider of rich fish resources. However, the mismanagement of fishing operations triggers a decline in these resources and deprives fishermen of potential revenues that could lift them out of their miserable socio-economic status.