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220 political assassinations and murder attempts in Lebanon (1943-2021)

Robberies, murders, suicides and road accidents (2019-2020)

Robberies, murders, suicides, and road accidents (November 2019-2020)

Lebanon sees a jump in robberies and murders and a decline in suicides and road accidents (2019-2020)

Over the past two years, from February 2013 to February 2015, the Lebanese troops have engaged in different armed conflicts against terrorist and takfiri groups pretending to be Muslim. 91 martyrs have died in battle during this period. Some of them died in the clashes against the supporters of...

From July 2013, the wave of car bombings returned to Lebanon, disturbing the tranquility and putting the country in the grip of fear. This criminal and violent phenomenon, which first appeared during the Lebanese Civil War, returned in 2005 with the assassination of Rafic Hariri and a number of...

After a break of a few years, a new wave of deadly car bombings returned to rip through Lebanon and rob the Lebanese of their sleep and tranquility, awakening their memories to those dismal years when car bombs used to take their toll on the people’s life, psyche, property and economy. Whether...