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According to the following Table 1, there were 25 124 mixed marriages in the Beqa’a Mohafaza.

As the dawn of the Eid Fitr was breaking on August 8, 2008, a number of gunmen ambushed a van carrying a Turkish Airlines crew, abducting the pilot and the co-pilot. Later, a group called Zuwar al-Imam Rida claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and demanded the release of the Lebanese hostages...

The United Nations Interim Force has been operating in Lebanon since 1978. Its presence has imposed additional financial obligations on the Lebanese government, which has to pay the rent for the land and premises allocated for the use by UNIFIL in the South.

According to the following Table 1, there were 16 329 mixed marriages in the South Mohafaza. The highest mixed marriage rates were registered in the Qada’a of Jezzine and the lowest in Saida.

Like many of Lebanon’s towns and villages, Saida features a miscellaneous political and sectarian mosaic. Although predominantly Sunni, Saida’s registered population encloses several Muslim and Christian communities coexisting in an environment that encourages openness and acceptance of others....

Lebanon’s economic crisis has translated into stagnation in the real estate sector and a clear decline in construction works. Some of the projects were cancelled entirely, some were put on the backburner and delayed the execution of the works while others introduced changes, narrowing down the...

There were 36,634 mixed marriages in the Beirut Mohafaza.

Of the Lebanese administration’s Grade 1 posts, 44 are currently vacant, with some having been unfilled for years. By sect, the vacancies are distributed as follows:

Lebanon is a tourist destination par excellence. Its tourism potential is manifested in a temperate climate in both summer and winter, the country’s magnificent natural sites, a flourishing hospitality industry and diverse historic landmarks dating back to the Phoenician and Roman eras.

Since the end of Civil War in 1990, Lebanon’s public administrations have enlarged their spending on random employment, rental expenses, office equipment and furniture, and access to cars, which stands at odds with the law considered the ultimate authority deciding on the parties to which the...