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USD 355 billion of imports in 30 years

The number of Lebanese emigrants is yearly increasing due to socio-economic crises and employment decline in Lebanon

High circulation of Lebanese currency

Lebanese banking sector: USD 22.1 billion of profits in 26 years (1993-2018)

Lebanon's insoluble electricity crisis

Public budgets estimate detailed data for all state revenues and expenditures, but they are often inaccurate. Expenditures are always higher than revenues, which leads to an increase in the deficit and to supplemental appropriations that would cover budget shortfalls. The following table shows that...

Multiple ministries and public organizations are sometimes awarding their public works projects to certain companies according to declared tenders, or at other times, by mutual consent.

The occupancy of coastal public properties is both a paramount and a thorny matter. Paramount because, whether legal or not, the occupancy fails to provide the state with revenues commensurate with the value of the occupied seaside areas and thorny because since the end of the Civil War, due to...

​ The Audit Court is the financial judiciary of the Lebanese state, whose primary function, as decreed by the law is supervising the disposition of public funds and fighting squandering and corruption, if the latter two should arise. However, the circumvention of laws coupled with political...