Monday, August 02nd, 2021 |العربية


Sweet making on the decline

Real estate shines bright amid Lebanon’s banking crisis

USD vs. LBP From LBP 2.3 to LBP 15,000 and where to?

220 political assassinations and murder attempts in Lebanon (1943-2021)

Robberies, murders, suicides and road accidents (2019-2020)

Lebanon: devaluation of currency, erosion of salaries and wages, and minimum wage of USD 72

Lebanese minimum wage among the lowest in the world as currency plumbs new depths

Ending subsidies and appreciating US dollar would increase the price of gasoline can to LBP 100,000?!

Lebanon 2020 Decline of marriage, divorce, birth and immigration & Rise of mortality

Vehicle theft hits nine-year record high: 7,200 vehicles worth USD 200 million