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December 2 Head of the Future Bloc, Fouad Seniora, is positive following his meeting with Speaker Nabih Berri.

It is known that the Qada’a of Zgharta has a predominantly Maronite community. The registered number of voters in Zgharta during the 2009 parliamentary elections was 71,656 and they were distributed by sect as follows:

In the eleventh part of the series exploring the families named after Lebanese towns, The Monthly continues to track these families, which carried different names initially but were given later the names of the towns into which they moved. Some of them maintained their sectarian affiliation, while...

I was introduced to another female journalist named Habbouba Haddad. She also published a women’s magazine entitled The New Life and asked me to assist her in the printing process, the editing and the translation of all news revolving around the life of western women.

Myth: The siege and burning of the city of Tyre by Alexander the Great is thought to have been motivated by his desire to visit the Temple of the God Melkart to make a sacrifice. Upon the refusal of the city’s inhabitants, his army besieged the island city and clashed with the Tyrians.

The violations committed against the environment and the natural resources in Lebanon have resulted in a serious environmental imbalance, aggravated by the lack of earnest initiatives aimed at addressing the threats confronting nature including but not restricted to wildfires, pollution, urban...