Sunday, February 05th, 2023 |العربية

Debunking Myth

Myth: In popular media, autistic patients are often portrayed with exceptional talents and special skills. While this is true in a small percentage of cases, it is important to shed light on this impression of autistic people, as the majority does not have photographic memory or extraordinary...

Myth Common knowledge, along with many a primary school teacher, maintains that the human body enjoys five senses: the direct senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. These have been accepted as the main channels through which knowledge of the outside world is transmitted to the brain.

Myth For years we have all heard and abided by the recommendation to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Myth: Literature and media have always maintained that the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra was a beautiful and strong female leader.

Myth: We have all heard, and maybe even come to believe, that making babies listen to classical music early on in their life will help with the development of their cognitive skills in the long run. It has almost become mandatory among new mothers to expose their toddlers to this genre of music,...

Myth: The Lebanese community has always demonstrated commitment to the sect as a priority over commitment to the country as a whole. Lebanese history provides ample example as to how these identifications are expressed in the political sphere.

Myth: It is commonly believed among Lebanese generations that their capital, has since the time of the Phoenicians been a trading port city par excellence. This reputation has given it the privileged title of being a link between the Western world and the east.

Myth: Post-war Beirut featured the reconstruction of a city into one reminiscent of its pre-1975 glory as a hub for international trade and transactions. The ‘Paris of the Middle East’ has returned as a meeting point for people and businesses from the world over.

Myth: Who among us has not received the warning from his mother or grandmother not to go outside with wet hair? We’ve all had illnesses that have been attributed to a ‘Saf’it Hawa’- literally a smack by the wind- whether back or neck pain, and even the flu. But is the wind really so...

Myth: Children have always been warned about sitting too close to the television set, and office employees from spending too much time in front of a computer screen. Being close to a digital screen for a long period of time is believed to weaken eye sight and to eventually obscure vision.