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When was AMIDEAST established in Lebanon and how long have you been Country Director? AMIDEAST, as an organization, started in 1951, and our office in Lebanon opened in 1968. We have been in Lebanon non-stop ever since and we are one of the few American organizations that stayed during the entire...

A lawyer, a minister, the first person ever to preside over the Constitutional Council and the son of the Poet of the Cedars, Wajdi Mallat was all this and more.

​Could you elaborate on the developments of the Lebanese-Chinese relations over the past year and your expectations for bilateral partnership this year?

The Lahhoud family has several prominent members who have played paramount roles in the history of Lebanon through the parliamentary, ministerial and military posts they assumed. This prominence reached its peak when Emile Jamil Lahoud assumed the presidency of the republic between 1998 and 2007....

Could you please provide insight into your personal and professional biography (birth, educational background, family, previous posts, entry into diplomacy, etc)?

The late MP and minister Bahij Takieddine was one of the very few Lebanese politicians who epitomized integrity and work ethics in their political and parliamentary career.

Former minister and architect Henry Eddé died at the end of January 2010, aged 87. On the fifth anniversary of his death, The Monthly recalls his political and professional biography, a track record rich with various experiences and accomplishments.

Could you provide insight into your personal and professional background?

For more than 15 years (1951-1966), Youssef Beidas had a strong presence in the banking and business sector. Although it has been 47 years since the collapse of Intra Bank and its transformation to a joint-stock company, the name of Beidas remains a prominent landmark in the history of modern...

Recent years have seen a rise in the prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis both in Lebanon and in other Arab countries. MS is an incurable autoimmune disease, and thus diagnosing it at its early stages helps mitigate the symptoms and allows patients to lead their lives normally. To gain more insight...