Monday, August 02nd, 2021 |العربية


Price of gasoline tank to reach LBP 150,000 if subsidies are lifted, U.S. dollar is pegged at LBP 13,000 and global prices remain steady

Schools of Lebanese sects 530 schools 312,000 students 27,000 teachers and staff

2,405 churches 1,502 mosques & hermitages 3,315 schools & universities in Lebanon

170,000 foreign workers left Lebanon in 2020

Private car annual cost: a minimum of LBP 8.1 million

Lebanon sees a rise in robberies and murders and a decline in suicides and road accidents 16 robberies a day (First quarter 2020/2021)

Exclusive agencies in Lebanon: What are they? Have they been abolished?

Printing Lebanese pounds: Has BDL exceeded its legal ceiling?

The Lebanese illusion: Coins are worth a fortune “Yet not too soon”

Fattoush dish to cost LBP 12,287