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Polling the Lebanese on Hezbollah’s Decision to Import Fuel from Iran

Hanna Saadah - Three Arabian Tales Harked With Little Ears

Hanna Saadah - The Municipal Elections

Matters get so mixed up for people sometimes, to the extent that the unusual becomes usual and the unnatural natural. Thus, exhaustive sagas and rigmaroles become necessary for what would otherwise be seen as self-evident. The road is a public utility that exists for a good reason. Infringing on...

For us, the Lebanese, Tuscany assumes particular significance not only for having ushered the Renaissance era in Europe, but because it was the chosen destination of the exiled Prince Fakhreddine II, from where he borrowed architectural features that remain evident in Lebanon today.

Is the institution of marriage crumbling in Lebanon? This question has been gaining much attention amidst the decline in the number of registered marriages against a considerable rise in divorce rates reaching as high as 28%.

The housing crisis is affecting citizens all over the globe, including the Lebanese. The crisis assumes several forms: Lack of accommodation amidst high demand and limited supply. Lack of houses for rental or expensive rentals. Unaffordable prices of the houses that are for sale.

LBP 675,000 is the official minimum wage in Lebanon. Most civil servants are paid a little more, double or quadruple than that threshold, depending on their post and years of service. Although those state employees earning huge amounts of money remain but a few, their pay is often grotesquely...

In this restrictive climate of gloom and despair where most public administrations and institutions are either in a state of dysfunction or functioning sluggishly while the persons responsible for them are either on a forced leave or standing helpless or indifferent, there remains hope that the...

The records of the Lebanese judiciary abound with names of seasoned judges who have left lasting marks on the judicial landscape through their verdicts, impartiality and assiduous jurisprudence. On the 16th anniversary of his death, we recollect the life and works of one of the most memorable...