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Lebanon’s banking sector in numbers

37,666,937 m2 is the total area owned by foreign individuals (65,201) and companies (15,106) throughout Lebanon, i.e. 0.362% of the total area of Lebanon.

The declared value of properties owned by non-Lebanese totaled LBP 64.4 billion in April 2018, with the highest in Matn (LBP 24.7 billion), followed by Beirut (around LBP 23.1 billion).

Lebanon highest record for suicides in 2018 - 28 in May alone

Cost of retirees= 15% of treasury revenues

Domestic crimes in Lebanon: Three victims in one month

Banks and financial institutions in Lebanon

Names of villages in Lebanon: Al-Zaniya changed to Al-Zayni, Al-Zara’eb to Wadi Al-Zein, but Sharon is still disputed

Is Zahle the “Capital of Catholicism” in the East?

Three Lebanese banks declare profits of USD 908 million