1 cup of coffee costs LBP 2,164

Serving coffee to guests and drinking it several times a day, namely in the morning, is one of the Lebanese consumer habits and traditions. It is therefore normal for its consumption to be affected by the high cost of ingredients (coffee, sugar and gas). Statistics indicate that coffee imports have dropped from 33,542 tons in 2019 to 19,602 tons in 2020, i.e. a decline of 41.6%. 

The current prices are as follows:

  • Gas bottle: LBP 244,500
  • 1 kg of coffee: LBP 120,000
  • 1 kg of sugar: 16,000

This means that a cup of coffee costs nowadays LBP 2,164, distributed over the following items:

  • Gas: LBP 250
  • Coffee: LBP 1,714 (an average of 70 cups per kg)
  • Sugar: LBP 16,000 (an average of 80 cups per kg)

Thus, following the price hike, serving coffee would become a luxury.

Note: This cost does not include the price of water that has seen a significant increase (the cost of 19 liters was LBP 5,000 and became LBP 20,000) because some people may choose to use tap water instead of bottled water.