Here is the cost of moving by car per km!

After raising the price of gasoline can to LBP 233,000, the cost of traveling in public transportations and taxis has increased to about LBP 1,927 per km for a vehicle with an average consumption of 170 km/20 liters of gasoline (the more the vehicle is old and used, the more it needs maintenance).

This cost (cost per km) is broken down into the following items:

  • Gasoline: LBP 1,370, i.e. 71% of the total cost.
  • Engine oil and filter: LBP 100
  • Battery: LBP 43
  • Tires: LBP 173
  • Spark plug: LBP 14
  • Automatic transmission fluid (ATF): LBP 20
  • Front and rear brakes: LBP 70
  • Windshield wiper: LBP 7
  • Mechanic fees: LBP 9
  • Mandatory insurance and third-party insurance: LBP 110
  • Car wash (6 times a year): LBP 11

For instance, the cost of a round trip will be as follows:

  • Beirut-Trablous: LBP 308,000
  • Beirut-Jounieh: LBP 95,000
  • Beirut-Saida: LBP 173,000
  • Beirut-Zahle: LBP 196,000
  • Beirut-Baalbeck: LBP 308,000

This cost does not include the cost of sudden and potential malfunctions (alternator, starter motor, gear box, fan, fan belt, shock absorber and others).

Note: The cost of battery consumption, spark plugs, tires and other auto parts is determined based on an average annual mileage of 11,000 km and an exchange rate of LBP 19,000 to the dollar.