The habit of drinking coffee is deeply rooted in the global culture, but it might be more prevalent in Lebanon. The majority of Lebanese are addicted to coffee. They drink it around the clock, from morning till evening, with some having few cups and others having tens of cups a day. Coffee was the first thing to be offered to guests when visiting a poor or rich family. Yet, given the economic conditions and the low imports of coffee (coffee is not grown in Lebanon), many families have quit this habit. The following table shows that 19,602 tons of coffee valued at USD 37 million were imported into Lebanon in 2020, compared to 33,542 tons valued at USD 71 million in 2019, i.e. a decrease in quantity of 13,940 tons or 41.5% and in value of USD 34 million.

A table showing the quantity and value of coffee imports into Lebanon (2015-2020). 

Source: Information International, based on the Lebanese Customs.