Spending on private cars constitutes a significant proportion of household and individual incomes. Yet, in the absence of public and private shared transportation and with the increased price and maintenance cost of cars (due to the appreciation of U.S. dollar), private cars have become a necessity that both households and individuals cannot abandon. 

In this study, we are trying to figure out the annual average cost of a small regular car.

-Gasoline consumption: 60 cans x LBP 40,000= LBP 2.4 million.

-Rear and front brake pads (twice a year): LBP 550,000 x 2= LBP 1.1 million.

-Engine oil: LBP  50,000 x 4 kg (four times a year) = LBP 800,000.

-Automatic transmission oil: LBP 100,000 x 3 kg every three years, i.e. LBP 100,000 per year.

-Oil filter: LBP 65,000 x 2= LBP 130,000.

-Spark plugs: LBP 40,000 x 4= LBP 160,000.

-Maintenance +air conditioner gas= LBP 250,000.

-Light bulbs: LBP 100,000.

-Glass wipers: LBP 150,000 every two years, i.e. LBP 75,000 a year.

-Tires:  LBP 650,000 x 4 tires every two years, i.e. LBP 1.3 million a year.

-Battery: LBP 650,000 every two years, i.e. LBP 325,000 a year.

-Third-party liability insurance + mandatory insurance=LBP 1.2 million.

-Mechanic fees: LBP 100,000.

-Car wash: LBP 10,000 x a minimum of six times annually= LBP 60,000 a year.

That is, a total of LBP 8.1 million annually, or about LBP 675,000 per month, which is equal to the minimum wage. The cost will increase in the event of traffic violations and unexpected breakdowns, which are very likely to happen due to poor road conditions and since more than 70% of cars in Lebanon have been manufactured more than 10 years ago. This amount does not include the cost of spare parts that may be damaged during normal use and require replacement (timing belt - alternator - starter - radiator - thermostat, etc.).

Note: We have based this study on the current subsidized price of gasoline can, which may reach LBP 155,000 if subsidies are fully lifted, and on the LBP 13,000 rate of U.S. dollar as all the aforementioned car accessories are priced in dollar terms.