Fattoush dish to cost LBP 12,287

Muslims around the world are preparing themselves for the holy month of Ramadan (the fasting month), which is to begin on April 13th/14th this year. This period is usually accompanied by a rise in the prices of goods and foodstuffs, namely the vegetables needed to prepare the fattoush salad, which is considered one of the main dishes on Ramadan tables. Based on the average retail prices, which are 60-80% higher than the wholesale prices, the cost of preparing fattoush for a five-member family is estimated at LBP 12,287 this year compared to LBP 4,250 last year, i.e. an increase of 189%.

Since fattoush is a traditional Lebanese dish, its high cost will not only affect Muslims but all the Lebanese without exception.

Weight of a fattoush dish = 1,500 g

 Cost = LBP 12,287

Portion per family member = 300 g

A table showing the prices of vegetables and materials used in preparing a five – person fattoush dish as of April 6th, 2021.

Source: Information International based on the retail prices of the said goods.