Sweet making on the decline

The Christian sects in Lebanon and the world have celebrated Easter last weekend. Yet, although most Lebanese Christian families used to celebrate Easter by baking sweets at home or buying them from shops, many of them have given up this habit due to price rising.

Through a small sample of 100 Christian families, we found the following:

-45% of families did not bake sweets at home.

-35% of families made lower-cost sweets. They substituted pistachio nuts and walnuts with date and sugar.

-15% of families did not quit their sweet-making habit, but made 25%-50% in less quantities.

-5% of families did not change their habits. They kept on making the same quantity and quality of sweets as in previous years.

In sum, 95% of Lebanese Christian families have broken their sweet-making habit during Easter.

As for the sweet shops, their sales have decreased by 45% during Easter holiday period, compared to the same period last year. 

Unfortunately, this would mean that the majority of Lebanese families do not feel joy even in holiday seasons!?