Vehicle theft hits nine-year record high:

7,200 vehicles worth USD 200 million  


The year 2020 saw an unprecedented rise in the number of stolen vehicles compared to previous years. 1,332 vehicles were stolen in 2020 compared to 724 in 2019, with an increase of 84%.

As shown in the following table, the highest number of stolen vehicles was recorded in 2013 (2,247 vehicles). It started to decline in the following years before increasing again in 2020.

-The number of stolen vehicles reached 1,064 in 2020 compared to 514 in 2019, i.e. an increase of 107%.

-2020 set a record with 3 stolen vehicles per day.

-7,212 costly vehicles were stolen during 2012-2020. According to estimates, their value is over USD 200 million.

A table showing the number of stolen and recovered vehicles (2012-2020).

Source: Information International based on the figures issued by the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces.