Public debt will soon exceed USD 100 billion 


Official figures show that Lebanon’s public debt stood at LBP 126.664 trillion (around USD 86 billion) at the end of last October. This debt was held by the following creditors:

-Banque du Liban (BDL): USD 24.3 billion or 29% of the total public debt (50% of the debt in Lebanese pounds).

-The banks: USD 50.1 billion, i.e. 59.6% of the total public debt.

-Others (municipalities, the National Social Security Fund, international institutions, the public): USD 9.6 billion or 11.4% of the total public debt.

However, a more detailed study of the state debt—including acquisitions, contractor debts, hospitals, and the NSSF’s debts and end-of-service indemnities—shows that the debt may reach more than USD 100 billion.