Salj families

are “Catholic”


Salj (snow) is slang for liquid water that has turned into a solid due to low temperatures. It is also the name of some Lebanese families.


It is said that “Salj” families are of Palestinian origin. They were so called because the family’s grandfather was dull and quiet as snow (Salj).


Salj family members are estimated at around 220. They are small families.

Sectarian Affiliation

Salj families overwhelmingly belong to the Greek Catholic sect.


Although Salj families mostly belong to one sect (Greek Catholic), they are present in a number of Lebanese regions, namely in Jezzine and Shouf districts:

- Mazraat Al-Mathana in the Qada’a of Jezzine: 35 members

- Qitali in the Qada’a of Jezzine: 10 members

- Joun in the Qada’a of Shouf: 68 members

- Mohteqra and Deir Al-Mkhaless in the Qada’a of Shouf: 65 members

- Mazraat Al-Dahr in the Qada’a of Shouf: 22 members (13 are Greek Orthodox)

- Al Qoubaiyat in Akkar: 8 members


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