Government spending on health care and hospitalization: LBP 1.654 trillion

How much does the Lebanese state spend on health and hospitalization? That’s a difficult question to answer due to the multiplicity of government guarantors, ranging from the Ministry of Public Health to the Ministry of Social Affairs, military hospitalization, and the mutual funds for Parliament, Lebanese University, and judges. 

Based on the 2018 budget expenditure figures, we can count the following expenditures:

 -Ministry of Public Health: LBP 509 billion

-The state’s contribution to the NSFF Sickness and Maternity branch: LBP 332 billion

-State Employees’ Cooperative: LBP 328 billion (a portion of these funds is earmarked for scholarships)

-Lebanese Army: LBP 247.4 billion

-Internal Security Forces (ISF): LBP 137.7 billion

-Ministry of Social Affairs (MSA): LBP 65 billion (a ballpark figure)

-Lebanese University’s Mutual Fund: LBP 35.5 billion

-General Directorate of General Security (GDGS): LBP 28 billion

-Parliament Mutual Fund: LBP 14 billion

-Judges’ Mutual Fund: LBP 9.6 billion (in addition to the proceeds derived from the stamps and the fees allocated to the fund bearing the hospitalization cost and the tuition fees of judges’ children)

-State Security: LBP 9.31 billion

-Lebanese Customs (LC): LBP 8.6 billion

-Pension Fund of Judges in Religious Courts: LBP 5 billion (other proceeds are added to the state’s contribution such as lawsuit stamps)

-Parliamentary Employees’ Mutual Fund: LBP 1.9 billion

-Judicial Assistants’ Mutual Fund: LBP 600 million

-Mutual Fund of Judicial Assistants in Religious Courts: LBP 260 million