When the Lebanese State proves its effectiveness


On March 23, 2018, the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health issued a list of major price reductions for certain drugs. It lowered the cost of some drugs by 18% to 74%. For instance:

  • The price of CEMIVIL (400 mg), a drug for cancer treatment, has been reduced from LBP 2,860,570 to LBP 993,540.
  • The price of NEXIUM (40 mg), a drug for gastric reflux treatment, has been reduced from LBP 49,797 to LBP 20,105.
  • The price of CYMEVENE (500 mg), a drug for the prevention of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection that may occur after organ transplantation, has been reduced from LBP 119,339 to LBP 54,926.
  • The price of the antibiotic VANCOMYCIN LABATEC (1 g), has been reduced from LBP 274,950 to LBP 136,089.

So the question is how drug sellers have managed to impose high prices on citizens for so long. The Ministry of Public Health has done a remarkable job of showing how the State can be effective.