Suicide of Lebanon's Sects

Beqa’a First District: Christian voters have increased by 4.2%, Muslim voters by 15.8%

The number of Christian registered voters in Beqa’a First District has increased from 91,386 in 2009 to 95,244 in 2017, i.e. by 4.2%.  Maronite voters have increased by 3.6% and Greek Orthodox voters by 1.1%, whereas Armenian Orthodox voters have decreased by 4.5%, Armenian Catholic voters by 2.6%, and Greek Catholic voters by 0.3%. As for Muslim voters, they have increased from 66,722 in 2009 to 77,311 in 2017 (15.8%). Sunni voters have increased by 14.4%, Druze voters by 14.5%, and the greatest increase was among Shia’a voters (18.5%).

What about Beqa’a Second District?  (To be continued)