A koshtban (thimble) is a small metal cap used by tailors to protect their fingers when sewing. It is rarely used today as hand-sewing has been replaced by sewing machines.
Koshtban is also a Lebanese family name. Families may bear this surname because they were thimble-makers or frequently used thimbles when sewing. 
Family Members  
The Koshtban family consists of 60 members. 
Sectarian Affiliation 
Members of Koshtban families belong to the Sunni Muslim sect. 
Koshtban family members live in Saida, in the neighborhoods of Al-Wastani and Makssar al-Abed. Some of them moved to Beirut after marriage. 
Gender Distribution 
Members of Koshtban families are equally distributed between males and females. 
The majority of Koshtban family members are above 30 years old. They are distributed as follows:  
24 members are less than 30 years old. 
19 members are between 31 and 50 years old. 
14 members are between 51 and 60 years old. 
13 members are above 61 years old.