Deir Serian is a village in the Qada’a of Marjeyoun. Its name suggests that it is a Christian village, yet, in fact, it is Shiite.
Many centuries ago, the inhabitants of Deir Serian belonged to the Christian Syriac sect. They build a great monastery there, lending the village the name “Deir Serian” (Syriac Monastery). However, the wars and sectarian conflicts witnessed in Lebanon throughout its history have led to the displacement of Syriac Christians. They were replaced by Shia’a and the monastery and Syriac community have died out. 
Deir Serian is located in the Qada’a of Marjeyoun, 90 kilometers from Beirut. It rests at an altitude of 520 meters above the sea level and stretches across 575 hectares. It may be reached from Beirut via Saida, Nabatieh, Kfarkela and Taybeh. 
Population and Houses 
Deir Serian’s registered population is estimated at 2,500, all of whom are Shia’a. It has 550 houses. 
The number of registered voters stood at 1,187 in 2006, of whom 365 voters turned out for the elections. The number rose in 2009 to 1,195, of whom 704 voters cast their ballots. 
In the 2016 municipal elections, the total number of voters was 1,301 but only 782 (60.1%) headed to the ballot boxes.
Voters in Deir Serian are distributed among the following families:
Karim: 236 
Loubani: 183
Ibrahim: 153
Saad: 55
Nasser: 50
Assaf: 47
Khatib: 30
Ashmar:  25
Yehya: 25
Nahle: 23  
Issa, Hamadeh, Hashem, Mazraani
Local Authorities 
By virtue of the decision No. 10 issued on Jan. 13, 2004, the village has recently witnessed the birth of a twelve-person municipal council. It is administered by a mukhtar, and a three-member ikhtiyariah body. 
Economic Life 
The population has continuously declined as a result of the Israeli occupation. Even after the occupation’s demise, many inhabitants have not returned to their hometown. The number of permanent residents is no greater than 500, most of whom work in agriculture, namely tobacco and olive. 
Deir Serian has a health center belonging to Imam al-Sadr, institutions and a cooperative association for the development of livestock, but it lacks a public school. Because the number of students is so limited the public school has been closed and students moved to neighboring schools, namely to Taybeh High School.