Our readers’ views matter to us, so comments to help improve and develop the publication have been especially welcome. We intend to be as responsive as possible to suggestions and would like to address some of the following comments made on Issue 0:

• Create a Web version.
• Add more pages.
• Maintain the independent nature of the publication by excluding pictures of personalities.
• Enlarge the font size.
• Use fewer graphs per page.
• Page titles should be enlarged.

Readers who responded to our queries inquired about a Web version of Ii Monthly. After considerable discussion of the pros and cons of print, compared to electronic formats, we are looking into designing a Web edition as well. Numerous requests for additional pages have led us to incorporate four more pages in the publication, starting with Issue 3. The style features mentioned above are also being reviewed, with each comment and suggestion being given careful consideration. Most importantly, Ii Monthly will continue to provide fresh facts and fair and independent analysis of the issues at hand.

We are committed to providing the highest possible standard of information and invite further suggestions on existing articles as well as future topics to help us make this publication better.

Jawad Adra