Ever since Walid Jumblat spoke of his “moment of abandonment” and the Arab sultans (kings and presidents) and zua’ama of Lebanese tribes are engaged in a fiesta to justify to themselves their moments of abandonment.


But some of them decided to move from “a state of abandonment – Halat al- Takhali “ to “a state of enlightenment – Halat al-Tajali” so here it is:


a   Bashar Assad is planning to establish a state of institutions where independent judiciary can deliberate freely and citizens can elect independents and opposition figures according to a plan that moves Syria within 20 years to the 21st century not governed by a family or a single party and where public money is not squandered. Then the people would freely support their leadership and the resistance facing Israel with dignity for the sake of Palestine and Syria. Then he (Bashar) signals to “the allies” in Lebanon, and more specifically the secular parties, that their relation with the intelligence services is forbidden.


a   And there he is Hosni Mubarak deciding that he has ruled Egypt long enough and that the water of the Nile is still polluted, the Cairo air is still suffocating and that half of Cairo’s residents envy the two million grave dwellers in it.


a   And there he is Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz deciding to lead the Friday prayers in Al Aqsa Mosque and demanding the immediate lift of the siege on Gaza.


And there he is …


And there they are, the zua’ama of the Lebanese tribes deciding that their ancestors were killed, their fathers were killed and their sons were killed, and they shall no more squabble and fight.


And there they are the Arab sultans (kings and presidents) suddenly enlightened.

Then Muammar Gadhafi awakens you from the dream laughing to tell you “I am the king of Africa’s kings” and longest serving ruler worldwide.


Wake up, gather yourself, rub your eyes and never dare to dream again. Stay in your “state of abandonment” as long as you wish but never be enlightened. Now leave, you are unwanted.  

Jawad Adra