Halba is the capital of the Akkar Mohafaza. Over 65% of its residents are Sunni, thus making them a majority while the Greek Orthodox and Maronite account for 35% of the population. Politically speaking, Halba is home to a mixture of political parties including the Future Movement, the Islamic Jama’a, the Communist Party and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. In addition to its political diversity, the families of Halba play an active and efficient role. The importance of the municipal elections in the town lies in that they served as an indicator to the power dynamics in the Mohafaza of Akkar. 

2010 Elections
In 2010, the "Decision of the People of Halba" list- a list backed by the SSNP and the Communist Party and headed by the Head of the Municipality Said Halabi competed against the "Future of Halba" list headed by Abdul Hamid Halabi and backed by the Future Movement.
The first list won the elections with an average of 1,594 votes (52%) compared to 1,314 votes (42.7%) for its rival. 
The difference between the lowest vote-gainer on the winning list and the top vote-gainer on the losing one was 124 votes.

2016 Elections
Three lists contested the municipal elections in Halba this year. Although the contest appeared to be among families at face value, it was in fact tinged with politics:
- The "Halba’s Decision" list headed by the Head of the Municipality Said Halabi. 
- The "Halba’s Development" list headed by the previous Head of the Municipality Abdul Hamid Halabi.
- The "Halba Al-Ghad" list headed by businessman Mohammad Zoghbi. 
The "Halba’s Development" list won 17 seats in the council thanks to an average of 1,588 votes or 41.4% of the total vote. Halba’s Decision amassed an average of 1,359 votes (35.5%) and managed to snatch one seat. The share of the final list was limited to 568 votes or roughly 14.8%.