It is also true that one might think, that the right to live is all what people might need, during times of war. The preservation of human life should be considered more important than the right to education. Whilst this idea seems to be common sense, it doesn’t help the prevention of future conflicts nor the reconstruction of society.
We do think that defending the right for equal education for girls and equal rights for them is essential whether in Asia, Africa, Latin America or the Middle East. It is a way of preventing imbalance and future problems in their respective societies.
If we do agree that there is no progress, without an effective role of women in all domains, then we should definitely agree that without the application and the real exercise of the right to education for girls then there will be no progress. 
So for, the right for equal education is the cornerstone of the construction of human dignity. The mistreatment of girls from a young age, in different regions of the world seems to be a common occurrence, that few people are concerned about today due to other urgent global issues.
What will historians conclude in a half-century or more seeing the regression of the status and the condition of women in today’s society? How can we be proud of any of our achievements and technological advances while women are treated as less than nothing and as slaves in many areas of the world? How can we pretend to be living in a modern world whilst major parts of the world are still living in a medieval period? All of these thoughts that deny women’s rights to “freedom, equality and fraternity”, under various pretexts, are obscurantists.
Women deserve to have equal rights like men in each society and to be a full citizen, even if citizenship is not yet a word that many know about. 
Education is not a utopia, it is not a dream to work, it is simply a basic right that should be granted to each human being and especially to those who are not allowed those rights: the girls.
The path is hard and there is still a long way to achieve total equality in rights. A wonderful way would be to consider working on global rights to education for girls. This would be in the same time achieving stability and progress toward millions of human lives. Tomorrow would be a better day, only if women are fully considered and respected as a full entity, not just a part of something, which means fully entitled to learn, to work, to play sports and to practice the arts. Women should simply be able to achieve and to exist in the public sphere without dispute.
Finally, there is an evident relation between female literacy rates and life improvement and therefore of improving their societies. The increase of women rights in the world and the hope of lasting peace in any place interlink profoundly in order to live, study and be fully equal. Perhaps this is the right to “a new beginning!”