Addressing children between 6 and 12 years old, the book was published in its second edition in 2005 by Dar AL Elm Lil Malayeen. Because the author wanted real life heroes and relevant stories stemming from children’s daily routines and their unique world, she chose her own children Mounir and Nour to be the principal characters of her story. 
Another day starts every morning as Mounir and Nour wake up full of life and joy. They wash their faces and brush their teeth before greeting their parents who are busy making breakfast. They do not forget to make their beds before the school bus arrives to pick them up. The school day starts off with the Lebanese anthem and morning greetings.
Written in a narrative style, the story depicts the typical day of Mounir and Nour from dawn to dusk. Terminology and syntax are skillfully selected to match the readers’ age and recommendations are offered to parents on how to read to their children and promote reading activities at home.