A Star from My Country
A Star from My Country is 32 pages and is aimed to acquaint young adults with Lebanese diva Fairuz and to keep her name resonating in their minds and ears.  The book recounts the story of a young adult student who seeks to understand what makes her parents so fond of the voice and music of Fairuz. Her curiosity drives her to start listening to Fairuz’s songs on a daily basis in an attempt to comprehend the lyrics and refine her taste in music. Since the name of Fairuz has always been coupled with the Rahbani Brothers, the girl realizes through daily dialogues with her mom and dad that ‘Assi and Mansour were brothers with two bodies, minds and hearts but with one pen, one musical instrument and one feeling.’ The story proceeds to touch on a number of Fairuz’s hits and plays and fulfills its objective of introducing new generations to the musical legacy of one of the most enduring artistic figures in the history of Lebanon. The book is accompanied by a CD featuring the story read by the author.
Writers from My Country
This 28-page story is divided into five elaborately written chapters, in which Dr. Sana Ali Harakeh underlines the role of the Arabic book club launched at a school with the aim of deepening the love of Arabic among students and triggering their curiosity to explore and interpret the works of Lebanese literary pioneers such as Emilie Nasrallah, May Ziadeh, Toufic Youssef Awwad, Mikhael Naaimeh, Salam al-Rassi and Gebran Khalil Gebran. Efforts are made at different places throughout the book to emphasize the responsibility of parents to instill in their children a fondness for reading and to raise their awareness of and respect for the value of the literary legacy that Lebanon’s literary giants have passed down over the decades.