A total of 130 children aged 6 to 12 attended the single-floor school, which consisted of three classrooms. Despite its small size, the school was hit by two air-to-ground missiles and five bombs launched by Israel’s Phantom  fighter-bombers. The attack ended immediately the lives of 30 students and caused heavy injuries to more than 50 others, with some sustaining permanent impairments.  The atrocity went both un-condemned and unpunished and Israel has since spared no children in its attacks against Arab territories. Close to 500 children were killed during Israel’s war on Gaza in 2008; In Lebanon, Israeli airstrikes against Qana resulted in the death of 30 children who had sought refuge in a UN headquarters in the town. Not only does Israel bomb Arab children, it also holds them captive in its prisons. 
An Israeli military official assured at the time that the Israeli pilots hit their military targets precisely but added that Israel would conduct a probe into the matter. Israel did not disclaim responsibility for the brutal attack and Chief of Staff Moshe Daya shamelessly absolved the Israeli forces of guilt arguing that the children were wearing khaki clothing and receiving military training. The wave of accusations against Egyptian children continued on Israeli Radio, which claimed that the students were members in a subversive military organization.
The Egyptian army inflicted a heavy toll on the Israeli forces during the final months of the War of Attrition, as it was called by Abdul Nasser and conducted an ambush against them on the Suez Canal front, killing three Israeli soldiers and injuring six others. However, Israel did not practice its right to retaliation by fighting the military. Rather, it chose to avenge the attack by targeting innocent victims. Prior to the Bahr El-Baqr Massacre, the Zionist entity had committed yet another atrocity when it bombed on February 12 the Abou Zaabal factory in Cairo, killing 70 innocent workers and injuring another 69.