​Adam’s mother proposed a ‘beautiful thought’ to help her son verbalize his ideas. She suggested that he should buy gifts and head to the children’s cancer center to offer them to children with cancer, thus conveying his genuine compassion. By casting light on children with chronic illnesses at the onset of her story, Sanaa Ali Harakeh aims to sensitize children to the distress of their peers, thus encouraging them to think about them and alleviate their suffering, even through the simplest gestures such as a visit that revives the hope.
The visit helped Adam construct varied thoughts mixed with feelings that he soon shared with his classmates in the oral expression class. He told them about the center; about those parents clinging hopefully to a better tomorrow that would bring their children a cure, yet fearing that the treatment might fail and dash those hopes. He told them about little Ali with leukemia and beautiful Mira with a brain tumor.
A Beautiful Thought’s first edition was published by Asala in 2010. In addition to its rich and nuanced vocabulary, the story features vivid illustrations by Michel Stankovski that refine the book’s aesthetic value and constitute a substantial contribution to comprehending the story. This first-person narrative concludes with Adam becoming a physician practicing at the same center he once visited as a child. It is noteworthy that the sales proceeds were donated to Tamanna, an NGO dedicated to realize the wishes of sick children.