When it comes to delivering the public services to the residents living in its municipal scope, Beirut’s municipality could do better. Below is a sample of its superfluous expenses:
-    LBP 5 million, the cost of annual subscription to a Beirut’s daily newspaper. 
-    LBP 18.6 million for a charity in Beirut tasked with burying the dead. It is noteworthy that the charity receives high fees from the families of the deceased in exchange for their services and thus does not deliver them free of charge. 
-    LBP 5.5 million to support an NGO located in Ras Nabe’e in holding a cultural activity during the month of La Francophonie. 
-    LBP 5 million for the Head of the Municipality of Beirut so he can participate in the Forum for Municipal Services held in Dubai on 7 and 8 April.
-    LBP 19.8 million for paving with granite the floor of a tunnel in the capital.
-    LBP 35.2 million for pest control, the benefits of which are yet to become clear. 
-    LBP 10 million as social aid for two workers at the municipality.
-    LBP 22 million to host local and foreign delegations.
-    LBP 10 million to repair the cars put at the disposal of the Head of the 2014 Municipal Council.
-    LBP 3.6 million to buy three paintings.
-    LBP 5 million for a dietitian supporting a food program that aims to raise awareness of the Mediterranean diet.
-    LBP 10 million for an NGO organizing a student tournament.
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