Some Lebanese families have assumed the name ‘Kebreet’ because their forefathers used to work in the sector. There are only 450 Kebreet members in Lebanon, all of them whom are Sunni. The Kebreets are present in Beirut and Saida and are distributed as follows:
    - Hay El-Mazraa, Beirut: 156    
    - Hay El-Bashoura, Beirut: 204
    - Hay El-Sabil, Saida: 25
    - Hay El-Share’e, Saida: 40
    - Hay Rijal El-Arbaeen, Saida: 25
Zarneekh, Arabic for ‘arsenic’, is a colorless and tasteless toxin. Only one family present in Al-Mina in Tripoli carries this name. It consists of six Sunni members.