The series, published in 2003, by Dar Al-Moualef hopes to assist children in acquiring sublime values while at the same time strengthening their literacy skills and expanding their imagination. Translated by Dr. Adel Khairallah, The Birth of the Foal is filled with vivid illustrations designed by Bilal Fathallah to bring this work of fiction to visual life. 
Abdallah was happy that he was going to spend his mid-year vacation at his grandfather’s farm. The grandfather took advantage of Abdallah’s presence by his side to teach him how to overcome the difficulties of life and to help him find a purpose for his long path in life. 
One night, as Abdallah and his grandfather were preparing to call it a day, they heard squirming movements and kicks coming out of the stable. The mare was in labor. After endless hours of mad kicking and whining, a small white foal finally emerged. Abdallah and his grandpa spent the entire night by the horse’s side and the child learned that only a short time lag separates life and death and that the will to live shall always prevail despite the struggle and pain.