Under the French mandate, members of the Bahlawan family migrated from Beirut, Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, Saida, Haifa and Akka. Although some family members were erroneously registered as ‘Balhawans’ instead of ‘Bahlawans’, both names are attributed to the same family and have the same origins. 
There are 840 Bahlawan (Al-Bahlawan, Balhawan and Al-Balhawan) members in Lebanon. They belong to the Sunni community and are distributed across the following regions:
Bahlawan: this family consists of some 400 members distributed in:
    - Mina (Triopoli): 55
    - Bashoura (Beirut): 60
    - Mazraa (Beirut): 90
    - Tebbaneh (Tripoli): 25
    - Heddadine (Tripoli): 35
    - Haret Hreik (Baabda): 50
    - Msaytbeh (Beirut): 25
    - Al-Sabil (Saida): 60

Al-Bahlawan:this family consists of 180 members distributed in:
    - Mazraa (Beirut): 90
    - Msaytbeh (Beirut): 20
    - Dar El-Mreissi: 50
    - Bashoura: 20

Al-Balhawan: this family consists of 100 people all present in Msaytbeh, Beirut.