The Story of Hadi was first issued in 2012 by Asala Publishers. The book is another addition to a series concerned with shedding light on varied topics and themes- social, medical, environmental and human- that children encounter in their daily lives, at home, in school or in their neighborhoods, with a view to educate them on effective means to tackle such issues and interact with their environment and with others. 
Dr. Sanaa ali Haraki chose ‘organ donation’ to be the theme of her new story, hoping to implant the noble principles of love, giving and compassion, into young minds through the usage of simply-put and short passages accompanied with vibrant and colorful illustrations to keep readers engaged until the very end. 
“..when you visit Sami, a now renal physician, in his clinic, you realize that he is among the most zealous activists in raising awareness about posthumous organ donation. And when you drop by the clinic of Hadi who also grew up into a successful ophthalmologist, you find a question still hanging in his head: ‘who has given me their kidney? Sami or Hanan?’. A question he will never get an answer because his siblings chose to name the donor “LOVE”. Love, only love can give life.