شاهد الصورة كاملة

The Arafat family originated in Egypt, from the city of Qena. From Qena, it spread out into different Egyptian cities. The family was named after its forefather who traveled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he performed the rites of pilgrimage by standing on the Mount of Arafah. From that moment on, his fellow pilgrims started to call him Hajj Arafat. It is unknown at which date the Arafats moved to Lebanon.
There are 360 Arafat members in Lebanon all of whom are Sunni. Nearly half of the Arafat community lives in Beqa’a and are distributed across the Bar Elias town in Qada’a of Zahle.
   - Bar Elias (Zahle): 164
   - Talia (Baalbeck): 6
   - Mazra’a (Beirut): 65
   - Roummaneh (Tripoli): 6
   - Majdaloun (Baalbeck): 12
   - Ghafrah (Baalbeck): 75
The name ‘Arafat’
Those Lebanese who are over 21 years old and named ‘Arafat’ total roughly 134. They are distributed across different regions, and most of them are either Sunni or Shia’a Muslims.  Having been born in an era that witnessed the rise of Arafat to prominence, most of them were named after the revered Palestinian leader. 

    -Shia’a: 72 members in the South, Beirut and Beqa’a
    - Sunni: 59 members in the South, Akkar, Beqa’a, Shouf and Beirut
  - - Druze: 1 member in Choueifat in the Qada’a of Aley
    - Greek Orthodox: 1 member in Rheet in the Qada’a of Zahle
    - Protestant: 1 member in Meniara in the Qada’a of Akkar

The total number of females with the name ‘Arafat’ is 4 (three Sunni and one Shia’a).