شاهد الصورة كاملة

..One day, a friend of mine answered incorrectly as well. Unfortunately, he had to experience the same ordeal when some of his classmates started to mock him, laughing at him and evoking laughter among students. Having been there before, and knowing full well what it was like to be ridiculed, I, alone, refused to laugh with them.”
Written by Dr. Sanaa Ali Al-Haraki and illustrated by Bassam Al-Imam, No Mockery! is another story of the series Stop! Reflect! Take Action! published by Asala Publishers in 2014 in a bid to address bullying and improve the child’s self-image. 
The book is dedicated to all those who refuse to hurt others. Justice, equality, respect for the law and for others and freedom of choice fall all within the message intended from the book.
“..I recalled what our teacher had told us to do and I put myself in my friend’s shoes. Automatically, I showed sympathy for him and I realized that we either lose friends due to our misconduct or we win friends thanks to our good manners. There is nothing better than to show respect for the feelings of others and to be loving friends.”